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Our Founders

Alan Greene
Evangelist, Founder / CEO

My job in one sentence...To set the course for the ministry with my wife and partner in ministry along with an incredible team of people God has called together to reach this culture with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. 

Vicki Greene
Founder / President

My job in one sentence...To co-lead our team in the high calling of being an Ambassador of Jesus Christ. 

Our Staff

Josh Brewer
VP of Outreach

My job in one sentence...I have the great joy of being over all of the ministry aspects of our events, including coordinating the prayer tents & assuring that the Gospel is presented in a relevant way at all LifeLight events.

Jolene Groen
Development Director

My job in one sentence...Every day I have the opportunity to share the vision and mission of LifeLight with individuals and businesses and encourage partnerships in expanding Gods Kingdom. 

Tiletta Statema
Executive Outreach Coordinator (PT)

My job in one facilitate and schedule off site speaking events for Alan and Vicki 

Nelson Van Den Hoek
Facilities Manager (PT)

My job in one sentence...To help LifeLight where, when, how and in any way God leads me to help bring His Church outside the walls.

Our Board of Directors

Alan Greene

Vicki Greene

Dwight Buller

Audra Eide

Tom Gage

Sonja Gourley

Sheri Gross

Bill Hoff

Shawn Nichols

Nathan Schock

Merle Wollman


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